Cong Minh Mechanical

Cong Minh Mechanical JSC was established in 2001. As a specialize Company in the Consultant, design, manufacture, supply, installation and technology transfer in the field of beer, wine, milk, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, microbial and food technology.... Our main products are tank systems, disgester, equipment system, pipe line has cleaning technologies, suitable to the environment and the trend of the modern, is made of materials of stainless steel as SUS 304, SUS 316, SUS 321, ...

From the inception, we have identified the guiding principle of Prestige, product quality, professional management system make development platform. To improve and improve product quality and productivity. Our company is constantly learning and improving ourselves. Our company has applied quality management system TCVN ISO 9001: 2015 and quality management system 5S to improve and improve quality.


To enhance the capacity and position of enterprises operating in the field of manufacturing and installing production systems in the food and dairy industry, beer, spirits, pharmaceuticals and microbiology, Chemicals and cosmetics ... in the context of global economic integration; At the same time meeting the internationalization requirements of customers, catching up with the global integration trend, our company has been applying the ASME, ISO 3834 standard, considered one of the The number of effective solutions for business.


To do that, Cong Minh is very interested in adding human resources, researching and updating advanced technological processes of developed countries. Human Resources regularly organizes internal training courses to improve the skills, organizes competitions of 5G, 6G welding for workers. For engineers to participate in the CWI welding inspection certification course.


At the same time investing in the most modern machinery and equipment to bring the best products to customers. Currently PLASMA automatic welding line system, MIG CNC programming, TIG welding, TIG DOUDBLE PLUS welding, PLASMA SOFT, MICRO PLASMA welding, Automatic oxygen cutting to 200ly, Plasma carbon cutting, automatic polishing machine and some specialized machines for the company's manufacturing is the absolute advantage over many other suppliers in the country.

With long-term goals, we strive to become a professional manufacturer and installer not only in the country but also in all over the world. As the motto we have built: "Together with your Brand".
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