Filter system

Filter system

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- Filtration system: filter all types of beer, provide low turbidity values, reliable and cost saving
- Modern metal filter candles do not need maintenance and long life.
- Compact design reduces the volume of the beer interface and minimizes beer losses
- Appropriate design of food hygiene standards, full of CIP
- The system comes with standard equipment and can operate semi-automatically or fully automatically.
- Can be customized according to the process and capacity of the customer, combined with trap filter, buffer tank, CO2, brewing, pasteurization, CIP system and all other equipment between fermentation and tank contains new beer

All equipment in the production line is 100% manufactured by Cong Minh with materials imported from EU countries. The work ensures Safety - Progress - Quality, meets international standards, meets large capacity. Marking a breakthrough in manufacturing as well as the ability to supply large-capacity production lines up to international standards.

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