RO System

RO System

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RO water treatment line system with equipment that we directly import and process fabricated from stainless steel always ensures durability, quality and safety for users. Pure water filtration line for the best quality water brought to consumers.
Function of each block of R.O pure water filtration line:
1) Water treatment system according to the raw filtration standard.
2) Carbon treatment system
3) Water soft treatment system
4) Pretreatment system (purification)
5) Pure water treatment system, automatic or semi-automatic rinsing RO membrane.
6) Microbiological treatment system
7) Pure water filter line R.O has an automatic shutoff circuit when the pure water fills the tank or automatically energizes when the pure water drops below the specified level.
8) Pump protection circuit when the upstream water is weak or there is no water.
9) Circuit protects the whole system when a power failure, voltage drop, short circuit, or supercharger, sudden power shutdown.
10) The system operates with intelligent control circuits, showing the operating status and warning when something goes wrong.

Technical data:
Equipment name: RO tank and water treatment system
Tank capacity: depending on customers' requirements
Materials: SUS316, SUS304, ..
The thickness of high pressure design and according to customer requirements
12-month warranty period
Fields of use: In the beer, wine, beverage, cosmetic and industrial sectors .....
Specifications: According to Customer's design requirements

All equipment in the production line is 100%  imported from EU countries. The work ensures Safety - Progress - Quality, meets international standards, meets large capacity. Marking a breakthrough in manufacturing as well as the ability to supply large-capacity production lines up to international standards.

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