RO water system

  • Supplying and installing beverage production line such as beer, mineral water, tea,  fruit juices.... branded CMC is a breakthrough in the strategy of conquering customers of Cong Minh Engineering in Vietnam.

    With many years experience in designing and manufacturing beverage production line, with a team of technicians and skilled workers Cong Minh has successfully implemented the project, meeting all the quality standards that partners fabricate.

    Experienced team of engineers: All of Cong Minh's engineers are engineers with many years of experience in the field of industrial construction. They are retrained through the training process at the company to ensure uniform quality of design engineers, project supervisors. The company often has a program of summarizing experiences and sharing experiences for each other so the work experience of each person increases exponentially. The system of regulations and processes of the company is extremely tight, making every employee aware of the work they are doing, always focusing on the task of avoiding many errors that affect quality projects

    At the same time, a team of skilled welders: All of Cong Minh's pipe welders have vocational certificates (3G, 4G, 5G, 6G) and are retrained by the company according to the company's training process. All welders must pass the tests of durability, ultrasound, chemicals ... before joining the project.

    All equipment in the production line is 100% imported from EU countries. The work ensures Safety - Progress - Quality, meets international standards, meets large capacity. Marking a breakthrough in manufacturing as well as the ability to supply large-capacity production lines up to international standards.