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Cong Minh Mechanical Company was established in 2001. It specializes in design, manufacture, supply, installation and technology transfer in the beer, wine, milk, beverage and chemical industries. cosmetic, microbiological and food technology etc.

From the beginning of our establishment, we have defined the motto for prestige, product quality, professional management system as the foundation for development.

Experienced engineers: All Cong Minh engineers are engineers with many years of experience in the industrial installation industry. They are trained through the training process at the company to ensure uniform quality of design engineers and supervisors.

News & Events
Design consultancy
The design of the production line is one of the key drivers in the management and development of investment projects. It is also the area that brings sustainable development and brand to the Company.
Fabrication - machining
Our company specializes in fabrication of tanks, tanks, silos, floor operations ... at the request of customers with the advantage over 15 years in mechanical engineering plus the capacity of Cong ...
We provide advanced installation techniques and methods to ensure the project is successfully implemented. Thanks to the skill of 3G & 6G Apave welder, quality management system, safety ...
Warranty - upgrade
Cong Minh provides the standard warranty for all tanks, piping systems we manufacture and install. In addition, we continue to support after the expiration of the warranty period in some cases.
AVA Craft Beer
AVA Craft Beer
Bac Lieu Beer Factory
Bac Lieu Beer Factory
Sai Gon Mien Tay Beer - Installation of fermentation tanks
Sai Gon Mien Tay Beer - Installation of fermentation tanks
Sai Gon Soc Trang Beer - Installation of fermentation tanks
Sai Gon Soc Trang Beer - Installation of fermentation tanks
Uniben HY- Construction of soup cooking system
Uniben HY- Construction of soup cooking system
On the way of operation and development of Cong Minh mechanics, each project is a valuable asset. Cong Minh is very honored to be satisfied with many customers and trust in the past.
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