Design consultancy

Monday, 18/06/2018, 16:08 GMT+7

Production line design consultancy is one of the key points, in building management and developing investment projects to manufacture products.

Besides, it is also the field that brings sustainable development and brand name for the Company.

With extensive work experience and a deep understanding of the legal aspects of project investment, the Engineering & Construction consulting works as well as the assurance of a reasonable economic cost, along with the quality of the translation. Best service for partners and customers

With the current capacity, We would like to introduce to you the consulting services, design us as follows:

1. Consulting, designing the production line of beer and soft drinks

2. Consulting and designing Chemical Cosmetics production line

3. Consulting, designing Food and Milk production lines

With a team of professional and experienced design engineers, professional, rich in ideas and enthusiasm for the profession, always ready to listen to difficulties, understand customers' needs and be responsible throughout. set of construction process to meet the requirements of using, comfort and aesthetics. The projects are designed and constructed strictly following the rules in design, technical processes as well as maximizing product productivity, which makes absolute satisfaction for customers.

Together with the strict implementation procedure as follows:
Step 1: Construction geological survey
Step 2: Prepare the design plan
Step 3: Design construction techniques
Step 4: Make an estimate
Step 5: Manufacturing and manufacturing
Step 6: Construction and installation
Step 7: Complete and construction warranty
We always hope that with the ability to fully meet the requirements of our customers with the highest confidence


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