History of company

         Cong Minh Mechanical JSC was established in 2001. As a specialize Company in the Consultant, design, manufacture, supply, installation and technology transfer in the field of beer, wine, milk, refresment, chemical, cosmetic, microbial and food technology....

         From the inception, we have identified the guiding principle of Prestige, product quality, professional management system make development platform. To do that the Cong Minh  has added human resources, research and update new innovative technology process of the leading countries in the field of beer, milk, refresment, ... , at the same time, we are investment in machinery of the most modern equipment to provide the best products for our customers.

         Currently, the automatically welding lines system as: PLASMA, CNC programming, MIG, automatic pipe welding systems, automatic polish machince and a number of specialized machinery for the food manufacturing industry of the company's absolute advantage over many supply in the country.



Human policies

We affirm human resources are the most valuable asset of the Cong Minh JSC, the basis helps companies achieve significant achievements in the development process over the past ten years. Human policy of Cong Minh JSC is put the relationship between the company and employees with the highest goal. Always associated with the job satisfaction and employee benefits. That is why we have designed a comprehensive human policy on the basis of an individual assessment for strategic training and development.

Employment recruitment policy

With the view of human resources is a leading competitive advantage of the company. Principles of recruitment company is choosing the best candidate to the appropriate location based on qualities, abilities, attitudes, capabilities and experience of the candidate without distinction of religion, race, religion religious or gender.

Employment Policy of JSC Công Minh create equal opportunity and fair to all employees of the Company according to the capacity of each person in all aspects of hiring, training, appointment , salary review, bonus review...