Mix Tank

Mix Tank

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+ Chemical tanks or chemical stirring tanks are covered with a composite layer (FRP) for the purpose of corrosion resistance of chemicals and stainless steel chemical tanks.
+ Chemical mixing tanks are widely applied and used in the chemical, construction, petroleum, and food industries with high efficiency.
+ Chemical mixing tanks use different types of stirrers such as stirring turbines, stirring oars, stirring propellers. Depending on the type of chemical needs fast or slow stirring speed that choose the appropriate type of paddle.
+ Depending on the viscosity of the liquid, choose a suitable paddle
+ For high viscosity chemicals, choose to stir the teeth
+ Average viscosity using anchor wings
+ Low viscosity using propeller propeller

Characteristics of the paddle of chemical mixing tank:
+ Stir paddle: Create tangent flow, so the mixture will be mixed.
+ Stir plate: Tilt angle of 30 - 45º, create tangent lines and create radial currents.
+ Stir tooth comb: Apply for liquid products prone to change in properties when there is a mechanical effect.
+ Stir anchor: Suitable for a lot of chemicals, high mechanical strength. Often used in spherical tanks.
+ Stir turbines: Many turbines rotate on vertical axis, stir liquid viscosity high> 80ns / m2.
+ Stir the screw type: Low viscosity liquid, <2ns / m2, creating large axial flow.


Technical data:
Equipment name: Industrial refrigeration tanks and systems
Tank capacity: depending on customers' requirements
Materials: SUS316, SUS304, ..
The thickness of high pressure design and according to customer requirements
12-month warranty period
Fields of use: In the beer, wine, beverage, cosmetic and industrial sectors .....
Specifications: According to Customer's design requirements

All equipment in the production line is 100%  imported from EU countries. The work ensures Safety - Progress - Quality, meets international standards, meets large capacity. Marking a breakthrough in manufacturing as well as the ability to supply large-capacity production lines up to international standards.

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